I've received my degree in mechanical engineering from the University of California at Merced. I am highly motivated in meeting technical challenges that involve innovation, creativity, and teamwork. My strength is in mechanical design, specifically computer-aided design (CAD). I am highly proficient in Pro/E and SolidWorks, Pro/Mechanica, AutoCAD, Ansys DesignModeler, and Ansys CFX. I am able to utilize this in order to bring more value to customers with customer specific designs and marketing.

    I also have strong analytical skills in the areas of finite element analysis with structural, thermal, and fluid applications. Some example of my works can be found below. An example of my practical C experience is can be seen below where I helped write the control code for a networked robotic arm block printer; But I am competent in many other languages both complied and scripted. I also have experience in working with superconductors, solar charging circuits, on site customer visits, and regulatory agencies. More information about my qualifications and interests are presented in my resume below.

Wayne E. Boissicat
Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Design: PTC Pro/Engineer, SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, Ansys DesignModeler
Analysis: Ansys CFX, PTC Pro/Mechanica, PTC Pro/Mechanism, Working Model 2D
General: Open Office / MS Word, Open Math / MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Mathworks Matlab, MS Project
Coding Languages: C/C++/Objective-C, Java, Matlab, Fortran, SQL, HTML, Coldfusion, Golang, Python, Visual Basic (Excel)
Mounting Systems Inc − January 2011 −
> Technical Sales Engineer/Back office support
◊ Provide on-site technical support for customers and sales personnel on project-specific issues and/or troubleshooting
◊ Resolve system design and code compliance issues as they relate to quote or order development
◊ Manage order process from initial quoting to installation, focusing on quality
◊ Design products to meet US requirements (NEC & UL)
◊ Produce finite element (structural & fluid) models for marketing and training
◊ Develop training material and publicly distributed technical documents; provide technical training to all sales personnel
◊ Create automation ordering programs to reduced processing errors
◊ Design and fabricate custom low quantity orders
◊ Verify aluminum extrusion die accuracy and schedules with suppliers
◊ Administer in house IT support for West Sacramento office
◊ Software Used: Autodesk Inventor, Salesforce, Navision/Microsoft Dynamics
Autonomous Solar Powered All-Terrain Rover − January 2008 − May 2008
> Group Leader/Design Engineer
◊ A class project exploring the possibilities of computer aided engineering
◊ Designed propulsion systems for mating with commercially available motors/controllers
◊ Applied finite element analysis for both structural and thermal concerns
◊ Cooperated and consulted with large groups to maintain compatibility and design goals
◊ Software Used: PTC Pro/Engineer WF3, PTC Pro/Mechanica, PTC Pro/Mechanism
Extended Range Solar Powered Airplane − January 2009 − May 2009
> Principle Design Engineer
◊ A competitive group class project to increase the flight time of a RC airplane
◊ Used computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for lift to drag ratio optimization.
◊ Applied finite element analysis for structural concerns of an orthotropic material
◊ Designed and fabricated an electrical charging circuit
◊ Engineered remote flight data transmission solution
◊ Worked within budget and time frame for obtainable results
◊ Software Used: PTC Pro/Engineer WF4, PTC Pro/Mechanica, Ansys CFX
Economical Folding Bicycle − January 2009 − May 2009
> Group Leader / Principle Design Engineer
◊ A competitive group class project to design a unique lightweight folding bicycle frame
◊ Parametrically designed bicycle frame
◊ Applied kinematic principles for folding motion
◊ Calculated finite element boundary conditions by hand
◊ Software Used: PTC Pro/Engineer WF4, PTC Pro/Mechanica, PTC Pro/Mechanism, Working Model 2D
Phonon−mediated Superconducting Transition−edge Sensor X−ray Detector for use in Astronomy − February 2005 − June 2006
> Lab Assistant - Stanford University
◊ A doctoral dissertation research project for Dr. Steve W. Leman
◊ Worked with oscilloscopes and function generators.
◊ Handled 54Fe as well as worked with liquid nitrogen and liquid helium
◊ Created and modified custom programs to collect and analyze millions of data points
◊ Software Used: Mathworks Matlab, Mathworks Data Acquisition Toolbox
Provided Upon Request

Email: Wayne@EmployWayne.com